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History of SUYUK

Samaj Utthan Yuwa Kendra (SUYUK) was initiated by youths of Jamuniya, a small village in Gopalpur VDC of Dhanusha district. Jamuniya is situated in north-east direction five kilometers away from Janakpur. Though proximity in distance from the main city, the place was miles and miles away from what we call development. It was denied from basic facilities such as road, education, electricity, irrigation etc. In 2056 B.S. some determined and likeminded local youths, with the sprit to develop their village by themselves without waiting for external financial assistance; formed a club- Samaj Utthan Yuwa Club. 

SUYUK, then a club, was initiated with a motto, 'Start where you are, Use what you have and Do what you can, to meet community's needs. At first, it outlined its yearly action plan contributing in four intervention areas; road construction, irrigation, electricity and quality education.  Merely, from voluntarily contribution of labor for 3 hours a day club members constructed six kilometers long road in three months. During this period they faced hardship and objection from their family.

Their second activity was renovation of irrigation canal. One fine morning, when club members were working at irrigation canal site, they saw hundreds of people carrying spade approaching them. To their great surprise, it was their fathers, neighbors, members of political parties and rest of the community come to join them in their noble task. Working together, 2.5 km long irrigation canal renovation work was completed within a week.

Club did campaign for maintaining quality education in a local school. That was largely successful. The biggest challenge for club then was to make feasible electricity supply in Jamuniya. This was not possible unaided. To meet this end, club organized public hearing program and invited a chief of Nepal Electricity Authority, Dhanusha as a chief guest. In the program, club presented data revealing the fact that all the adjoining villages have electricity supply except Jamuniya. Instantly, the chief guest did commitment saying villagers will enjoy electricity facility within six-months if club is ready to work for it. As agreed, within six months, dream came true.  Jamuniya illuminated in dark night. The saying energy and persistence conquer all things seemed to be true on behalf of club. Thus, in short time span, club acquired great cooperation and trust from the community.

In 2057, club's first General Assembly was organized. Representatives of political parties and different organizations were invited in the program. After hearing club's achievements, guests representing from various sectors and walks of life suggested club to expand its working area and to address broader objectives. At this point, Samaj Utthan Yuwa Club turned into a registered NGO in Dhanusha- Samaj Utthan Yuwa Kendra (SUYUK) in year 2058 B.S. This step was taken to address greater expectation and trust from community that could not be adequately fulfilled by continuing as a club.